Highs and Lows

My friends back in Texas used to ask our friends, “What’s a high and a low you experienced today?” ¬†The first time I heard it, I was caught off guard. ¬†A low? Lows? ¬†We’re allowed to feel those? ¬†We’re allowed to share them. ¬†Yep and in fact God tells us to share these things with each other. (James 5:16)

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Why? Why? Why?

Why do we have to take our shoes off all the time? Why can’t I be loud right now? Why am I giving a present again? Why can’t I freely tell of my travels and sightseeing without giving everyone a gift? Why is there so much paperwork? Why is there so much unbelief? Why can’t I find a decent dough nut? Why was that man rude to me? (Probably my fault. ¬†I touched a sword that was for sale. ūüôā BUT it was extremely expensive and at a sword museum.) Why is Japan not America?¬† Continue reading

View Seeker

Hello out there. ¬†I hope and pray that you are resting in God’s promises and His Truth today. ¬†His Truth of freedom from sins (Galatians 5:1). ¬†His Truth of purpose in this life (Micah 6:8). ¬†His Truth of joy in Him (Romans 15:13). ¬†His goodness. ¬†His mercy. ¬† His faithfulness. ¬†His unending and unconditional love. ¬†Wow. Continue reading

Surprised Explorer Forever!

Do you ever wonder if you could be a full time vacationer and why you aren’t already?! ¬†Yeah, yeah, yeah. ¬†Me too. ¬†I’ve been pretending this past week that I am. ¬†Lately, I’ve been taking a weekly bike ride to see a beautiful display of God’s creation. ¬†Here’s one of those adventures! ¬† Continue reading

Japanese Steak….list!

There is so much to tell you and so much to be doing all at once! ¬†I need to make a steak list, as my friend and fellow blogger would say, Matt. ¬†He’s the real writer! ¬†Ask him about a steak list. ¬†But actually, all my goals are pretty equal at the moment, while the purpose of a steak list is to prioritize. ¬†Indulge me a little. Continue reading